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wandcarrier's Journal

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i get to do ya til the next song saves ya!
7/4/07, a knight's tale, aaron waverly wornom, africa, african culture, albus dumbledore, ancient egyptian culture, avenged sevenfold, being a bookworm, big/little mouse, bram stoker's dracula, bryce dallas howard, busch gardens, christina ricci, christmas, dan radcliffe, donnie and mark wahlberg, double bananas, dragonflies, egyptology, emma watson, fireflies, fishing, flannel sheets, food network, four brothers, ginger and reese, gingers, good food, good memories, good movies, good music, harry potter everything, hot chocolate, hot tea, i hate winter, improving myself, intervention, ireland, jackson browne, james and oliver phelps, japan, japanese culture, jellyfish, kate hudson, keira knightley, lady in the water, laughing, learning new things, leopard print, lol snape, lord of the rings, lucif+jaysus, lupin/remus, lurking myspace, max and sasha, memoirs of a geisha, michelle rodriguez, my friends list, my neverending nicknames, my second family, new orleans french quarter, norway, ol dirty albus, ol dirty seve, old sitcoms, paul bettany, prongs rode again, roonil wazlib ftw, rupert grint, saw 1234, scrapbooking, snow, stephen king, summer, summer sounds, swimming, team black, the 60's, the 70's, the 80's, the 90's, the bayou boogaloo, the chinese new year, the marauders, the mummy, the mummy returns, the pirates festival, the skeleton key, the wonder years, tiffany marie, transcending-bliss.net, traveling, tulips, tv land, under the tuscan sun, vh1, voodoo, weaselbee, wizard duels